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Build Your Website!

Web Publishing is NC State's all-in-one website hosting and management service.

Web Publishing is a managed WordPress service. Your website and all of the content belongs to you, but it lives in a network of websites centrally managed by OIT. We take care of the software updates, security patches, and other day-to-day maintenance so you don’t have to.

There are multiple options for web hosting available on campus. Here’s a short breakdown of each option and its use cases:

  • Web Publishing: Your best option for most public-facing websites. All websites are built using WordPress with support from OIT.
  • Student Orgs: Your best option for registered student organizations. Managed by DASA.
  • WolfWare: Your best option for course content, including course websites, discussion tools, video hosting, and more. Managed by DELTA.
  • cPanel Web Hosting: Your best option for most custom apps, especially non-WordPress applications. You get your hosting space, but you’re responsible for managing your apps yourself.
  • Hosted Services: Your best option for applications that won’t work in cPanel, or require Windows Server to run.

Note: OIT’s WordPress Blogs and Hosted WordPress services will be merged into Web Publishing in the coming months.

There’s something called “Web Publishing” and there’s something called “Web Platform”—but which one is right for you?

The answer is: both!

Okay, so we’ll admit this is a little confusing.

NC State Web Publishing is the web hosting and management service provided by the Office of Information Technology. It has three service levels: free, standard, and custom/bulk. The service fees you pay for the standard and custom levels go to OIT.

When you want to…

  • Register a new website
  • Manage your web hosting for an existing website
  • Get support while building your website

… you want Web Publishing.

NC State Web Platform is the suite of tools provided by University Communications to help build NC State-branded websites. It has two tiers: free and premium. The service fees you pay for the premium tier go to UComm.

When you want to…

  • Make your website match the NC State brand
  • See what visual elements are available for use on your website
  • Get help with custom design and content work

… you want the Web Platform.

You can use all of the Web Platform tools on a website hosted through Web Publishing. The free Web Platform tools are included at all service levels in Web Publishing. If you have a separate agreement with UComm to use the premium Web Platform tools, then you can also use those at the custom/bulk service level in Web Publishing.

Here are the possible service combinations:

  • Web Publishing: Free + Web Platform: Free
  • Web Publishing: Standard + Web Platform: Free
  • Web Publishing: Custom/Bulk + Web Platform: Free
  • Web Publishing: Custom/Bulk + Web Platform: Premium (requires a separate agreement with UComm)