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About Our Tiers

Web Publishing is an all-inclusive web hosting service designed to meet the needs of everyone on campus – from students publishing portfolios and faculty sharing research to colleges and units administering their college and programs.

There are two simple tiers to choose between: our free tier and our standard tier. We usually recommend the free tier to individuals publishing information about themselves, while we recommend the standard tier for groups, units and other organizations.

We’ve compiled some more complete information about our tiers below.

Free Tier

Our free tier is designed for individuals (students, staff, and faculty) to share information about themselves. We frequently see portfolios, CVs, and academic assignments being hosted at this tier.

  • You can use a fourth-level domain that will look like
  • You will have access to a variety of WordPress themes and plugins
  • You can add any person with an email address to manage your site
  • Your site will remain active as long as it meets one of the following criteria:
    • The site has at least one active NC State person who can edit content,
    • There has been an update to the site within the past year, or
    • There have been more than 1,000 visits to the site in the past month.

Standard Tier

Our standard tier is designed to empower groups, units and colleges to get their critical information on the web. The main website and most college websites are hosted on this tier. Only staff and faculty members are eligible to request sites on the standard tier.

  • You can use any domain you like (as long as it meets our Domain Name Policy).
  • You will have access to the free version of the NC State Theme.
  • You will have access to premium WordPress plugins that have been purchased for campus use
  • You can also request that plugins and themes be installed in the network, subject to review.
  • You can add anyone to help manage your site – NC State user or not.
  • Your site will need to be renewed (and paid for) every year.
    • We cannot accept Ledger 5 funds for Web Publishing services.

Bulk Rate and Custom Offerings

If you’re managing lots of websites or have a unique use-case, we’re always happy to talk about a path forward together. Please feel free to contact us to start that discussion.