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Plugins Available in Web Publishing

Standard Tier or Bulk Rate

For Plugins available in the Free Tier, go here.
For a list of explicitly rejected plugins, go HERE.

Plugin NameAvailabiltyDescriptionCategorySource
Broken Link CheckerStandardScans a WordPress site for broken links and missing images and sends out a notification if any are foundPosts and
Classic EditorStandardEnables the previous classic WYSIWYG editorPosts and
CMS Tree Page ViewStandardAdds a CMS-like tree view of all your pages, like the view often found in a page-focused CMS. Use the tree view to edit, view, add pages and search pagesPosts and
Duplicate PageStandardDuplicate Posts, Pages and Custom Posts using single clickPosts and
Enable Media ReplaceStandardAllows direct replacement of an image with the same file name without deleting, reuploading, and renamingMedia
Google Site KitStandardConnects WordPress to Google
Gravity Perks Advanced CalculationsStandardPerforms advanced calculations with functions and conditionalsFormsNCSU Site License
Gravity Perks Nested FormsStandardCreates forms within forms to manage complex data collectionFormsNCSU Site License
Gravity FormsStandardEasily create web forms and manage form entries within the WordPress admin dashboardFormsNCSU Site License
Gravity Forms RecaptchaStandardAdds reCAPTCHA v3 to Gravity FormsFormsNCSU Site License
Gravity Forms Send GridStandardConnects WordPress and SendGrid Email PlatformFormsNCSU Site License
Gravity ViewStandardAdds customizable front end interface onto Gravity Forms that allows the user to display, edit, export, and filter Gravity Forms entries and build dynamic applications using data collectedFormsNCSU Site License
GTM4WPStandardBuilt by Google to manage and deploy analytics and marketing
Instagram FeedStandardAdds an Instagram Feed to a WordPress siteSocial
JuicerStandardAdds social media feeds to WordPress sitesSocial
NC State PeopleStandardCreates a directory for a WordPress siteDirectoryNCSU Developed
NC State Accessibility HelperStandardChecks for common accessibility issues users introduce when creating content in WordPress, and highlights them in an annotated previewAccessibilityNCSU Developed
NC State Google Drive PluginStandardIntegrates a the WordPress Media Library with a Google Drive accountMedia LibraryNCSU Developed
NC State KnowledgeStandardNCSU Developed
NC State Protected ContentStandardHides website content to users based on NCSU affiliation (faculty, staff, etc) or other criteriaPosts and PagesNCSU Developed
NC State ReporterStandardEnables blocks to display content from ReporterPosts and PagesNCSU Developed
NewswireStandardAllows news stories to be shared between and within campus unitsNewsNCSU Developed
Post SMTPStandardProvides authentication to ensure that emails sent from the WordPress service are deliveredNetwork
RedirectionStandardManages redirects and tracks 404 errorsPosts and
Simple Custom CSSStandardAdds section to add custom CSS without having to modify the theme
Simple MathjaxStandardLoads Mathjax
TablepressStandardAllows creation of interactive tables in WordPressPosts and
The Events CalendarStandardAllows creation of custom calendar in
Events Calendar ProStandardIncludes extra features not available in free version of The Event Calendar, such as recurring events, additional views, and custom fieldsCalendarNCSU Site License
WordPress ImporterStandardImports pages, posts, and other metadata from a WordPress Export filePosts and
WordPress SEOStandardAdds features to boost SEO, including titles and keyboards to pages and posts and a readability analysis
Enhanced News Add OnUCOMM Premium TierActiviates an additional template that can be used for high profile news stories to make them stand outNewsNCSU Developed
NC State StoriesUCOMM Premium TierAdds new templates and blocks not available in the free version of the NC State ThemePosts and PagesNCSU Developed
NC State PagesUCOMM Premium TierAdds new blocks not available in the free version of the NC State ThemePosts and PagesNCSU Developed
Gravity Perks Disable Entry CreationBy RequestAutomatically deletes a Gravity Forms entry after the form is submittedFormsNCSU Site License
Gravity Perks Populate AnythingBy RequestDynamically filters and populates field choices and values with posts, users, taxonomies, terms, Gravity Forms entries, and databasesFormsNCSU Site License
Gravity Forms Mailchimp Add OnBy RequestIntegrate Gravity Forms with Mailchimp Email Marketing ServiceFormsNCSU Site License
Gravity Forms QuizBy RequestAllows creation of quizzes that are automatically graded or scored when a form is submittedFormsNCSU Site License
ImagifyBy RequestOptimixies and converts images to WebP to save storage spaceSocial MediaNCSU Site License
PressPermit ProBy RequestAllows permissioning to posts, pages, categories, and more based on user roles, individual users, and custom groupsPosts and PagesNCSU Site License
RevisionsBy RequestSets up scheduling and review of revisions to website content before publicationPosts and PagesNCSU Site License
WP Get ApiBy RequestConnects WordPress sites to external API’sNetwork AdministationNCSU Site License
NCSU BlocksDeprecatedProvides a core set of university branded blocksPosts and PagesNCSU Developed
NCSU CalendarDeprecatedCalendarNCSU Developed